Free Driver Booster 11.1 Pro License Key 2023 [100% Working]

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Free Driver Booster 11.1 Pro License Key allows you to update your outdated drives on your PC with lots of handy features. It is one of the best software that can quickly detect outdated, broken, or missing drivers and you can update them in just a single click.

However, the free version has some limited features, and if you want to activate the Pro features then you need a valid license key. The Pro version automatically detects the broken and missing drivers on your PC and installs them in a single click.

If you are searching the internet for the Driver Booster 11 Key, then this guide is meant for you. In this guide, you can get the complete list of 100% working Iobit Driver Booster 11.1 Pro Free License Keys for 1 Year.

About Driver Booster 11 Pro

You must have faced issues while launching any game or software on your PC. It happens because of missing and outdated drivers on your device. Even if any program doesn’t run properly or it starts crashing or freezing, the reason can be the same.

However, it is very hard to detect which driver is causing the issue. And if you are a normal PC user and don’t have enough knowledge about Windows Programs then this can be a nightmare for you.

Thankfully, there are many Driver Updater software available that scan your PC and provide a list of missing or outdated drivers.

Driver Booster 11 is a very useful software that can sort out your problems and you can run your programs without any further issues.

Basically, it scans all the broken, missing, and outdated drivers on your PC and allows you to install them in a single click.

The best thing is that you don’t have to visit all the drivers’ websites to update them one by one. Driver Booster 11 Pro activation code refines all the results on your screen, and you can download them from there.

You don’t even have to know what type of driver you need to update; Driver Booster 11 Pro will recommend the best one for you and tell you how to do it. If you select Install All and Update All, it will automatically download and install the recommended updates for you.

This saves a lot of time, as otherwise, you would have to manually search for and download each driver yourself. If you’d rather just update one driver at a time, you can select Install or Update and then search for the driver you want to update. Download Driver Booster 11 Pro key.

It uses cloud technology to download the software more efficiently and fast. This process saves you a lot of time. With cloud technology, you can create a backup of your drivers, so you can install them again in case of a corrupted device or hard disk failure.

Alternatively, it also speeds up your PC by optimizing your RAM, ROM, Graphics cards, Motherboard, GPU, and other hardware. Now your apps and games will run faster without any glitches or bugs.

What’s new in Driver Booster 11.1 Pro

  • Easily scan all the outdated, broken, or missing drivers.
  • Auto-pick out and install the suitable drivers each time you need an update on your computer.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 or 11
  • Single-click download and install.
  • Download via the cloud for fast downloading.
  • Supports over 9,500,000 drivers.
  • Fixes common device errors.
  • Silent mode that will not show any notifications or pop-ups while it is updating your drivers.
  • Enhanced Game Mode that makes your games run more smoothly.
  • Creates a backup of your drivers so you can install them in the future.
  • Enable automatic updates so you don’t have to update them manually.
  • Optimize your RAM, ROM, Graphics cards, Motherboard, GPU, etc.

Is Driver Booster 11 Free?

Yes, Driver Booster 11 is free to use and you can install it from the IObit official website. The free version comes with basic features such as Driver download and it has a Driver Database of only 6,500,000+.Whereas the Pro version comes with lots more features such as 100% Faster download speed, offline driver download, Auto Update, Backup and restore Drivers, etc.

Below you can see the comparison table of Driver Booster Free v Pro:

Free PRO
Driver Database 6,500,000+ 9,500,000+
Driver Download Speed Basic 100% Faster
Auto Update, Backup & Restore Drivers
Necessary Game Components
Fix 35+ Hardware Issues with 1-Click
Update and Install Network Drivers Offline
Priority to Update Game-Ready Drivers
Premium Technical Support


The pro version costs $19.95 for a single PC and $22.95 for 3 devices. The subscription will be valid for 1 year and you can purchase this software by going to the Driver Booster 11 official website.

If you can’t afford that amount to buy the Pro version, then don’t worry. Below we have posted some 100% working Free Driver Booster 11 Pro License Key 2023 and activation codes that you can use to enjoy the premium features.

Buy Now & Save 65%

Driver Booster 11.1 Pro License Key (Updated – December 16, 2023)

Below are some 100% working license keys for the IObit Driver Booster Pro V11.1 & V11.

New License Code V11.1: 065D9-9B7B9-4995C-BFF4A (Valid till May 02, 2024)

Limited Users Code: A0A16-20282-80DE4-0664A or 92909-C76CB-E8C6A-E5E4A

Use the above license code for Driver Booster V11.1 as soon as possible.

  • #1: E3C3B-F91D5-86305-5B7BA (Valid till Feb 05, 2024)
  • #2: 84874-0B0E0-F3C31-CD6BA (Valid till Dec 23, 2023)
  • #3: 5BA57-82B0B-1AA25-C3540 (Valid till June 10, 2024)
  • #4: 07CB7-C38C6-5B122-05440 (Valid till April 11, 2024)
  • #5: 4A833-0FF38-A2F7E-42840  (Valid till April 04, 2024)
  • #6: 344F3-D086F-EF7AD-8FA40 (Valid till April 04, 2024)
  • #7: 40BAA-6EA71-D39F1-A1540 (Valid till Mar 01, 2024)

Note: If it says that the key is not valid in your region, delete the “Lang.dat” file in the program installation folder. Once done, Restart your PC and try using the license keys again.

Working Driver Booster 11 Pro Key 2023

  • KXBOK-DZ554-8XSXI-RR257
  • 1ITNC-02G03-CJY7Y-P8NM6
  • KDZ55-48XSX-IRR25-71ITN
  • C02G0-3CJY7-YP8NM-6T5VY

Unused Driver Booster 11 Keys

  • 548XS-XIRR2-571IT-NC02G
  • 03CJY-7YP8N-M6T5V-YGY62
  • 6S9LT-LJFSQ-6U263-BNO23
  • SXIRR-2571I-TNC02-G03CJ

[Working] Driver Booster 10.6 Pro License Codes-

  • 7A4A7-27FA2-BBDDB-CBE40 (328 Days)
  • 3326C-4EAD0-A9290-EB740 (328 Days)
  • EC714-E8FD8-CCB79-19140 (328 Days)
  • 19AF0-E05BA-7613D-A2F40 (328 Days)
  • 75B6C-62FB7-3A9A3-69740 (285 Days)
  • 633AE-5926A-BB504-ED840 (256 Days)

Use this Driver Booster V10.2 Pro license key for 1-year support- N5EB2-985MQ-WKPAU-PFKVS

Driver Booster 10.5 License Codes:

  • N0ERN-G2887-B0V0L-UU58A
  • 4LWQF-35J36-FM1A1-SBQP9

100% Working Driver Booster 11 Pro 2023 Activation Codes

  • D65VB-XT378-9SWX3-28RSG
  • S7TGP-V3N5Z-6PMX3-E6Y5P
  • 7BLS2-58MFV-2VZLW-CC5B3

New Driver Booster 11 License Keys

  • E94PS-DL4DK-6N5V3-XJJ8K
  • P8SEZ-AMZ55-9PX5R-EV6M4
  • 2ZBT9-8BGX8-9499M-NQQMV
  • 7FQR6-VK9PW-H8WH8-78XRX
  • 3474T-ZAMTQ-Q725Z-UHL35

If you want to activate your Driver Booster 11 Pro, follow the activation guide below.

How to activate Driver Booster 11 Pro?

  1. Download the setup file of the Driver Booster 11.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your PC.
  4. Once done, open it and click on the Enter Code option from the main window.
  5. A pop-up will appear and you have to enter a genuine license key there.
  6. Enter any driver booster 11 pro license key from this page.
  7. Click on the Activate button and enjoy the premium features.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista.
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor or faster.
  • Memory: 1GB RAM.
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection.
  • Storage: 1GB available space.

Why is Driver Booster 11 Pro a must-have tool for your PC?

Driver Booster, developed by IObit, is a popular tool designed to help users keep their device drivers up-to-date. Keeping drivers updated is essential for optimal PC performance and security.

Here are a few reasons why a driver update tool like Driver Booster can be valuable:

Improved Hardware Performance: Updated drivers can improve the performance and functionality of your PC, particularly for newer applications and games, resulting in faster speed and responsiveness.

Fixing Hardware Issues: Outdated drivers can lead to hardware malfunctions and other issues. Updating them can resolve compatibility problems, bugs, and glitches.

Enhanced Security: Keeping your drivers up-to-date is crucial to prevent malware and hackers from exploiting security vulnerabilities. By using the Driver Booster 11 Pro key, you can ensure that any security holes are patched, thus enhancing your system’s overall security.

Saves Time and Effort: Updating drivers manually can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for non-tech-savvy users. Driver Booster 11 Key automates the process, saving you time and effort.

One-Click Updates: Driver Booster provides a simple, one-click solution to update all outdated drivers, making it convenient for you to maintain your system without navigating through multiple device manager windows.

Regular Scans: Driver Booster 11 free code offers scheduled scans to check for outdated drivers, ensuring that your system stays up-to-date without manual intervention.

Is Driver Booster 11 Pro the Right Tool for You?

Driver Booster may be a suitable choice depending on your specific needs and preferences, especially if you prefer software that is user-friendly and doesn’t require technical expertise.

Are you having difficulty finding and updating drivers for your computer hardware? Driver Booster can simplify this process for you. It automatically scans your system for outdated drivers and offers a one-click solution to update them. This is especially helpful if you have multiple devices and manually searching for drivers is time-consuming.

It can save you time by automating the driver update process. Instead of searching for each driver individually, the software identifies outdated drivers and downloads/installs them in bulk.

Driver Booster has features to back up your existing drivers before updating them. This is useful if an updated driver causes problems; you can easily revert to the previous version.

On the other hand, if you prefer to manually manage your drivers and have the knowledge and ability to find and install the correct ones, you may not require the Driver Booster.

Related Questions (FAQs)

Is Driver Booster 11 Pro compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, Driver Booster 11 Pro is fully compatible with Windows 11, and the latest update provides a more user-friendly interface. Now you can easily update the Windows 11 Driver with the help of Driver Booster 11 Pro.

What is the working license key for Driver Booster 11 Pro?

The working license key for the Driver Booster V11 Pro is 84874-0B0E0-F3C31-CD6BA. You can use this serial key to activate the pro version of the software for free.

How do I activate my Driver Booster 11 Pro license?

To activate your license, launch Driver Booster 11 Pro, and click on the “Enter Code” option from the main window. Enter the license key in the box and hit the Activate button. Once done, the software will be activated to the full version.

Is Driver Booster safe to use?

Driver Booster is safe when downloaded from the official IObit website or trusted sources. It keeps your drivers up to date without posing a security risk.

Last Words

That’s all folks! This is all you need to know regarding the Driver Booster 11.1 Pro License Key. I hope you will get the working Driver Booster 11 key from this page. Once you activate the software, you can use the all premium features such as driver backup, free technical support, and automatic updates.

We regularly updated the new license keys for the latest versions of Driver Booster. So if you also want a valid key, then you can rely on this page. Make sure to bookmark this page to get more license keys for Driver Booster.



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