Trump Hunts For Florida Lawyer Ready To Fire His Career In Miami Tomorrow

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Seeking an attorney prohibited from practicing law in the Southern District of Florida. Candidates should possess a strong ability to endure public embarrassment. Please note that maintaining a valid legal license is not assured.

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Last week, two additional lawyers associated with former President Trump decided to disassociate themselves from him. Jim Trusty, John Rowley, and Tim Parlatore had been part of Trump’s legal team, but Parlatore expressed frustration with Trump’s negotiator Boris Epstein, claiming it hindered his ability to represent the former president. Trusty and Rowley, on the other hand, stated that since the case had been filed in Miami, it was an appropriate time for them to step aside and allow others to take over.

However, this move seems unusual given that lawyers typically don’t quit when their clients face charges. Furthermore, Trusty and Rowley are still involved in a grand jury investigation in Washington, D.C., regarding Trump’s alleged involvement in the January 6 Capitol riot.

In light of Trump’s indictment in Miami, there has been a frantic search for a local lawyer in Trumpland. Finding a lawyer who is not banned from practicing in the Southern District of Florida and willing to represent Trump, who is notoriously difficult as a client, proved to be a challenge.

The court clerk urged Trump to appoint a local lawyer before the upcoming hearing, suggesting that out-of-state attorneys should designate a member of the Southern District of Florida’s Bar to act as local counsel and facilitate communication with the court and opposing counsel.

Todd Blanche, a white-collar attorney who previously worked as a partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, and represented Trump in a criminal case initiated by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, will also play a significant role in the Florida case. However, Blanche is not permitted to practice law in Florida.

Over the weekend, the Trump team spoke with various lawyers, including accident lawyers near me and accident attorneys near me, but it remains unclear who will officially be hired to represent the former president in Florida. Some Florida-based lawyers and law firms have expressed interest and reached out to Trump’s team, including car accident lawyers near me, car accident attorneys near me, and auto accident lawyers near me.

If Trump fails to secure representation, he may turn to former Florida Solicitor General Chris Kise, according to a tweet by Hugo Lowell from The Guardian.

Currently, it seems that Todd Blanche and Chris Keys, despite being banned from practicing in the Southern District of Florida, may be involved in the case if Trump hires a new lawyer on the same day. Trump’s entrance to the arraignment will be through the port rather than the main entrance.

Trump’s ever-changing team of lawyers also includes Jared Roberts, a partner in Jesse Binnall’s firm, who had a previous encounter with U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks in a lawsuit related to Clinton RICO claims. Roberts became a member of the Florida Bar in May 2022 and appears to be primarily practicing in Northern Virginia. Another option is Peter Tiktin, Trump’s former boarding school roommate, who has acted as a local attorney in a lawsuit but is currently at odds with Trump due to sanctions imposed on them. Lindsey Halligan, another lawyer associated with Trump, has been cleared to practice in Florida’s Southern District but is primarily experienced in insurance law, raising concerns among colleagues about her suitability for representing the president.

The search is ongoing for local lawyers willing to associate themselves with the impending legal developments in Trumpworld, as Judge Eileen Cannon presides over the case, suggesting that almost any legal strategy might be permissible.

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