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Federal Judge Contemplates Revealing George Santos’ Bond Supporters

In a significant development, a federal judge has announced her intention to disclose the identities of the individuals who have backed George Santos’ bond. However, she has granted Santos until noon on Friday to appeal her decision.

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Santos’ legal representative pleaded with the judge not to reveal the names of the bond guarantors in a letter sent on Monday. Despite this plea, the federal judge stated on Tuesday that she plans to unveil the identities of those who have supported Representative George Santos with a $500,000 bond. Nevertheless, she is offering the GOP lawmaker a final opportunity to appeal before proceeding.

According to a sealed order in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Judge Anne Shields has decided to disclose the names of the individuals who signed Santos’ bond for pretrial release, as described in the court’s records system.

This ruling comes in response to two motions filed by members of the media, including Insider, seeking the unsealing of the names.

Judge Shields has provided Santos and his legal team until noon on Friday to contest her decision. In a letter addressed to Shields and obtained by Insider, Santos, through his lawyer Joseph Murray, earnestly requested the judge to refrain from disclosing the identities of his guarantors.

“In this particular case, the suretors are likely to endure immense distress, potential job loss, and, God forbid, even physical harm,” Murray expressed in the letter.

“My client would prefer to surrender to pretrial detention rather than subject these suretors to the inevitable consequences,” Murray further added. Both Murray and prosecutors declined to comment when contacted by Insider.

Back in May, a grand jury indicted Santos on 13 criminal charges, which include fraud, money laundering, and theft. Santos has pleaded not guilty to these charges and was granted release on a $500,000 bond last month.

Prosecutors assert that Santos misused campaign donations for personal expenses and collected unemployment benefits while earning a six-figure salary.

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