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SNS to Shine,a resort management game!< br>the popular leisure facilities aim!< br>
< br > the pool to freely expand,a comfortable space to make.< br>on the topic, the visitors to customers and SNS, and can be your friend.< br>
< br > customer request is from a restaurant was built, and
colorful water and I made everyone happy with you.< br>your floaties and swimsuits it can be delighted as well.< br>
< br > restaurants in their cooking set, customers will eat it?< br>
< br >
< br > waterslides and many different attractions set up,
your preference of interior architecture.< br>of course, sunshine is dazzling outdoor pool you can make.< br>
< br > tropical a good,resort management simulation game
download now and relaxing experience!< br>
< br > —
< br > ※game data is stored in the terminal. Delete app, re-installation is not supported.< br>
< br > other games I search for”Cairo soft”. http://kairopark.jp
play save data cannot be transferred between devices, nor can it be free games and selling out apps lots!< br>2D dot picture of free game series by.< br>
< br > the latest information is Twitter follow me.< br>https://twitter.com/kairokun2010

Create your own water park from in-game water assets.
Excellent customer service is demanded by customers.
By using utilities that attract people to the park, you can manage the Pool Slide Story mod.
Customers provide feedback via customer reviews.
Providing utilities in a district.
Customers come in many colors.


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